Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sweetie Belle Embroidery Design

Here's an embroidery design of Sweetie Belle sitting down that I did by request.  If Rarity is a MArshmallow, does that mean that Sweetie Belle is one of the little mini-marshmallows that are in hot chocolate?

You can download the regular (non-patch) embroidery file here.  I apologize for not posing more designs, I have been rather busy with other things recently.  I hope to get more out shortly, as I have 9 requests in queue.

Off White - 2075 (body)
Light Purple - 2204 (mane)
Pink - 2179 (Mane)
Dark Purple - 2083 (mane outline)
white - 2149 (eye)
black - 2150 (eye)
green - 2015 (iris)
white - 2149 (eye)
light gray - 2138 (body outline)

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