Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Rainbow Dash Costume

A few weeks ago, Toni from sugartartcrafts sent me an email on an absolutely adorable project; a costume of Rainbow Dash. I absolutely loved the way that Toni made the mane and tail especially. Her idea was to fulfill some of the requests she has gotten to make the costumes for others, and to use embroidered cutie marks instead of painting them on.  Here's RD!

Obviously, I thought this would be a great idea!  I love embroidery and when done right, is incredibly durable.  Holding up to playtime or harsh washing would be no problem.  Toni actually is a clothes designer, and it really shows with the thought and design on the wings, ears and tail. I jumped all over this idea because I love it when talented people fill a need in the community, and this is a big one!

Last week, I finished the embroidery of the fleece for her and she now has the entire costumes, just wings or ears available in her store on etsy here. she can even do spike! Seriously, this is insanely cute.  I also know that she can only make 9 of them, so if you want one I highly recommend ordering one immediately.