Thursday, February 16, 2012

Plushies Coming Up

Sorry that I haven't posted any designs in a little while, I haven't had time to upload the files and do the writeups of them.  They will be coming shortly, along with a bunch of different sets of plushie eyes (Derpy, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie, Twilight, & Lyra).

So far, I have embroidered designs for a few different My Little Pony plushie makers like Hoppip, but I haven't made my own. Well, I am going to try making a MLP one, hopefully next week.  I am not positive who I will do, but for the first one, I will do somepony with an easy mane, and probably a female earth pony so I don't have the horn or wings to deal with.  I'm thinking of doing Applebloom, but not sure yet.

I just ordered a pattern to make a plushie.  Know what the best part is?  YOU CAN GET A PATTERN.  RIGHT HERE.  For $15, you get a physical pattern, and for $20, you get a physical pattern and a PDF so you can make more patterns for your own use.   The ponies above were made with the pattern.

Valley Violet is the one who made the pattern.  She put lots of time into making it look awesome and in writing the instructions, so you should totally get one.  Right now.