Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sweetie Belle Embroidery Design

Here's an embroidery design of Sweetie Belle sitting down that I did by request.  If Rarity is a MArshmallow, does that mean that Sweetie Belle is one of the little mini-marshmallows that are in hot chocolate?

You can download the regular (non-patch) embroidery file here.  I apologize for not posing more designs, I have been rather busy with other things recently.  I hope to get more out shortly, as I have 9 requests in queue.

Off White - 2075 (body)
Light Purple - 2204 (mane)
Pink - 2179 (Mane)
Dark Purple - 2083 (mane outline)
white - 2149 (eye)
black - 2150 (eye)
green - 2015 (iris)
white - 2149 (eye)
light gray - 2138 (body outline)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Spike & Twilight Sparkle

Sometimes, I see something that immediately begs to be embroidered.  I saw just such a picture from Lolover on Deviantart.  Lolover was nice enough to approve me making an embroderiy design of that picture, so here it is.  I also took pictures as it was being sewn, so you can watch a dragon being born.

Original drawing by Lolover

Green Scales

Purple Body

Belly Scales

Belly Scale Outline

'Ear' Outline

Twilight's Mane

Twilight's Mane Highlights

More Highlights

Spike's Body Outline

Green Scale Outline
White - 2149 (patch backing)
Green - 2015 (scales)
Light Purple - 2079 (Body)
Light Yellow green - 2002 (belly)
Moss - 2019 (Belly Scale outline)
Light Yellow green - 2002 (ear outline)
Dark Blue - 2070 (Twilight mane & tail)
pink - 2167 (mane, tail for twilight)
Dark Purple - 2081 (mane tail for twilight)
Dark blue - 2072 (mane & tail outline)
Dark Purple - 2083 (body outline)
Dark Green - 2109 (scales outline)
Black - 2150 (eyes)

 Total stitches is over 30,000.  The embroidery file for doing this as a patch is here.  Skip the first color (white) if not doing a patch.  Please be aware that some parts of this design are extremely thick, especially around Twilight's head.   If you try embroidering this on a home machine with a 130/705h,15x1 or related needle, they will break.  Please see this previous post on how to sew patches on a home machine.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gilda in Flight Patch

There isn't enough Gilda love out there, and Madmax made an excellent picture of Gilda,  Madmax was even more awesome and allowed me to make an embroidery design out of it.  So here's Gilda, in Flight.

This download is the patch design.  If you want to use t tembroider a piece of clothing or a towel, skip the first color or you may break a needle on a home embroidery machine.

White - (patch and regular)
Russet Brown - 2130 (wings)
Light Brown - 2161 (body)
white - 2149
Light purple - 2079 (eye outline)
white - 2149
Black - 2150 (eye)
Yellow - 2005 Claws & beak
white - 2149
light Gray - 2138 Head Outline
Dark Brown - 2129 body outline
Gold - 2021 (Claw Outline)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Luna Standing Embroidery

Here's an embroidery design of Luna from when she was on the cart thingy at the end of the 2nd episode.  For all of 2 lines, Luna sure does get a lot of love.

Sky blue - 2198 (Mane)
Blue - 2092 (body)
Dark Blue - 2072 (crown & cutie mark)
White - (Eye & cutie mark)
Black - (Eye)
light blue - 2233 (Eye Iris)
White - (Eye)
Black - (eyelashes)
Electric blue - 2230 (crown outline and shoes)
Midnight Blue - 2070 (body outline)
Aqua - 2233 (hair outline)
Sky blue - 2198 (Shoe Outline)

You can download the embroidery file here.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Nurse Redheart Embroidery Design

Here's an embroidery design of Nurse Redheart.  The picture is a patch, but the file is for normal embroidery on a shirt, towel or the like.

Off White - 2115 (Body)
Salmon Pink - 2179 (mane)
Sky Blue - 2143 (hat top)
White - 2149 (eyes)
Black - 2150 (eyes)
Blue - 2198 (eye iris)
White - 2149 (eye reflections)
Magenta - 2167 (Mane outline)
Gray blue - 2205 (Hat outline)
Light Gray - 2138 (Body outline)
Red - 2042 (Cutie Mark)

You can download the file here.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Basil the Dragon (Dragonshy)

This is an embroidery design of Basil the Dragon, the red dragon from Dragonshy.  The name 'Basil' came from a bad speech to text translation from Youtube in case you were wondering.  Anyway, on with the design.

Basil has a pretty simple color shceeme, so the thread changes aren't as bad as some of the other designs. Colors:
Light gold - 2019 (belly scales)
Magenta - 2167 (neck/head scales)
Dark Red - 2044 (body)
Gold - 2162 (belly scale outline)
black - 2150 (eye )
Dark Magenta 2041 (neck/head scale outline)
Plum - 2058 (body outline)

You can download the design here.

By the way, I noticed I had about a thousand downloads all from Germany in the last week.  My German is a little rusty, as I only took 4 years of it in high school, but let's see how good I can do. Hallo an alle aus Deutschland. Bitte laden sie sich nach herzenslust inhalt.  Wenn sie eine suche nach einem entwurf steckte es in die kommentare. By the way, the whole "putting the verb at the end of the sentence" thing and the gender of objects? That's still weird :).  A window is not male to me.