Thursday, September 1, 2011

Basil the Dragon (Dragonshy)

This is an embroidery design of Basil the Dragon, the red dragon from Dragonshy.  The name 'Basil' came from a bad speech to text translation from Youtube in case you were wondering.  Anyway, on with the design.

Basil has a pretty simple color shceeme, so the thread changes aren't as bad as some of the other designs. Colors:
Light gold - 2019 (belly scales)
Magenta - 2167 (neck/head scales)
Dark Red - 2044 (body)
Gold - 2162 (belly scale outline)
black - 2150 (eye )
Dark Magenta 2041 (neck/head scale outline)
Plum - 2058 (body outline)

You can download the design here.

By the way, I noticed I had about a thousand downloads all from Germany in the last week.  My German is a little rusty, as I only took 4 years of it in high school, but let's see how good I can do. Hallo an alle aus Deutschland. Bitte laden sie sich nach herzenslust inhalt.  Wenn sie eine suche nach einem entwurf steckte es in die kommentare. By the way, the whole "putting the verb at the end of the sentence" thing and the gender of objects? That's still weird :).  A window is not male to me.

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