Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gilda in Flight Patch

There isn't enough Gilda love out there, and Madmax made an excellent picture of Gilda,  Madmax was even more awesome and allowed me to make an embroidery design out of it.  So here's Gilda, in Flight.

This download is the patch design.  If you want to use t tembroider a piece of clothing or a towel, skip the first color or you may break a needle on a home embroidery machine.

White - (patch and regular)
Russet Brown - 2130 (wings)
Light Brown - 2161 (body)
white - 2149
Light purple - 2079 (eye outline)
white - 2149
Black - 2150 (eye)
Yellow - 2005 Claws & beak
white - 2149
light Gray - 2138 Head Outline
Dark Brown - 2129 body outline
Gold - 2021 (Claw Outline)


  1. Dear Sir or Ma'am as I do not have the thing that makes these I was wondering if you sale them. I would love to buy a few if at all posible

  2. Oops Im an dummy and totally missed the side bar, I blame facebook and all the ads on the side for this lol