Friday, September 23, 2011

Spike & Twilight Sparkle

Sometimes, I see something that immediately begs to be embroidered.  I saw just such a picture from Lolover on Deviantart.  Lolover was nice enough to approve me making an embroderiy design of that picture, so here it is.  I also took pictures as it was being sewn, so you can watch a dragon being born.

Original drawing by Lolover

Green Scales

Purple Body

Belly Scales

Belly Scale Outline

'Ear' Outline

Twilight's Mane

Twilight's Mane Highlights

More Highlights

Spike's Body Outline

Green Scale Outline
White - 2149 (patch backing)
Green - 2015 (scales)
Light Purple - 2079 (Body)
Light Yellow green - 2002 (belly)
Moss - 2019 (Belly Scale outline)
Light Yellow green - 2002 (ear outline)
Dark Blue - 2070 (Twilight mane & tail)
pink - 2167 (mane, tail for twilight)
Dark Purple - 2081 (mane tail for twilight)
Dark blue - 2072 (mane & tail outline)
Dark Purple - 2083 (body outline)
Dark Green - 2109 (scales outline)
Black - 2150 (eyes)

 Total stitches is over 30,000.  The embroidery file for doing this as a patch is here.  Skip the first color (white) if not doing a patch.  Please be aware that some parts of this design are extremely thick, especially around Twilight's head.   If you try embroidering this on a home machine with a 130/705h,15x1 or related needle, they will break.  Please see this previous post on how to sew patches on a home machine.

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  1. Love this so much! <3 You have such a talent for this!