Sunday, June 12, 2011

Embroidery Design of Derpy Hooves Sitting

There can never be enough Derpy Hooves.  As such, here is an embroidery design of Derpy Hooves sitting down looking cute.

You can download the embroidery file here.

Yellow - 2005 (mane)
Light Gray - 2138 (body)
Dark Gray - 2296 (body outline)
Black - 2150 (eyes)
White - 2149 (eyes)
Gold - 2021 (mane outline)
Light Purple - 2204 (cutie mark)


  1. Hello, sorry to be a bother, but, rather new to embroidering. Just curious, is there any way to do something as finely detailed as that derpy by machine, or, just all by hand?

    Also, if not by machine, any tips you could spare on hand embroidering?

  2. It was done entirely by machine. I am excellent at programming as I have probably been programming since from before I could walk. To me, a sewing machine is just a computer and I programmed the stitches into it. That's how I look at it anyway.

    I used to do cross stitch for fun about 15 years ago, but I don't have time for that any more. I'm sure this could be done by hand, but with about 20,000 stitches, it would take until forever to do.

  3. Hah, quite an interesting comparison, reminds me of myself with computers as a child. And oh my, if I may say so, I certainly see the skill you have with all of this. I was looking at that embroidery tutorial you did with Pinkie Pie, and truly bravo, I cannot even imagine the steady hand you'd need for that, not to mention all the practice.

    Yeah, I have no intention of doing 20K+ stitches, so, I'd better go find some stronger machine needles...