Saturday, June 4, 2011

Celestia and Luna's Sad Hug

I saw a comic of Celestia and Luna that was just too cute for words, so I had to make an embroidery design of part of it. I changed the thread colors for Celestia's mane and tail to pastel based on some feedback; feel free to modify to your heart's content.

This design has 13 thread swaps, just FYI.

Pastel Pink - 2179 (celesta's mane)
Pastel purple - 2079 (celesta's mane)
Pastel green - 2234 (celesta's mane)
Pastel blue- 2143 (celesta's mane)
Dark Gray - 2306 (luna's eyes)
white - 2149 (body)
Sky blue - 2198 (Hair)
Blue - 2092 (body)
gold - 2162 (celestia's cutie mark)
light gray - 2138 (celestia's outline)
Midnight Blue - 2070 (body outline)
aqua - 2233 (hair outline)
black - 2150 (eyes)

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