Monday, June 6, 2011

Filly Rarity by SparkleStiches

I received an email from a professional embroiderer that goes by the name of SparkleStiches.  She did an absolutely awesome embroidery design of Filly Rarity!  I absolutely love it! SparkleStiches did the design using a professional embrodiery program program called Pulse, which costs $2400 to buy and can handle multi-needle commercial sewing machines.  I use Embird, which costs about $500 and is more of a home-user program.  SparkleStiches's skill can be easily seen in how awesome this design came out!

I am so excited that there is another embroiderer out there who loves MLP:FiM! You can download Filly Rarity here.

Purple - 2081 (internal mane)
Deep purple - 2083 (external mane)  After testing, I think this may be too dark
Off White - 2115 (body)
Dark Purple - 2305 (mane outline and highlights)
Warm Gray - 2138 (body outline)  I need a lighter gray, this is the lightest I have
White - 2149 (eyes)
Blue - 2230 (iris)
Black - 2150 (eye)
White - 2149 (eye)

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