Thursday, June 23, 2011

Filly Luna Embroidery Designs

"When I grow up, I'm gonna be an astronaut and visit the moon big sister!"

Today is 2 for 1 day since I was unable to get a new design done yesterday.  There are 2 Filly Luna designs, one with cutie mark, one without.  The colors are the same, in the same order, for both designs.

The colors on the renders are off, but here is a render of the 2 designs.

Both files can be downloaded here

Sky blue - 2198 (Hair)
Blue - 2092 (body)
Dark Blue - 2072 (crown & cutie mark)
Electirc blue - 2230 (crown outline and shoes)
Aqua - 2233 (hair outline)
Sky blue - 2198 (Shoe Outline)
Midnight Blue - 2070 (Luna body outline)
White - (Eye & cutie mark)
Black - (Eye)
Electirc blue - 2230 - (Eye Iris)
black - 2150 (eyes).

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