Saturday, May 28, 2011

Raise the Sun and Moon Embroidery

I mentioned earlier that I got the idea to do MLP embroidery designs during the Cutie Mark Chronicles episode when Princess Celestia raised the Sun. The outline of Celestia over the sun in 3 colors looked awesome, but I wasn't able to do it until now.

There are 2 different designs available.  The first, non-overlapped one, does not have much overlap in the thread colors.  This will work fine on 99% of fabric, and save some thread.  I also made an overlapped design, where the white for the sun is a complete circle without a cutout under Celestia's tail or body. I think it looks slightly better overlapped when on a low thread count fabric such as a bar towel.  Here's a pic of the the non-overlapped one during a test run on a bar towel.  You can see the gap where Celestia will end up going in on the next thread color.

We can't just stop there with Trollestia.  I haven't done a Luna design yet, and this seemed like the perfect time for it.  So here's a design of Luna raising the Moon in the same style based upon this drawling.  Both are for a 100 by 100mm hoop.

The Luna embroidery design is here. Here's both on a pair of bar towels.  Awesome overload.

Also, thanks for linking to this blog Equestria Daily.  Hopefully lots of ponys will be able to use the designs I put up here to put MLP on everything in their house.  I can probably make a few for people who ask, but I can't do a ton. If you want something embroidered with a design I have up here, just let me know and I'll help.

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