Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pinkie Pie Business Design

Like some other ponys, I am working on the MLP achievements that Equestria Daily put together.  One of them is wearing a MLP shirt to work.  I have a very strict work environment which limits what I can wear.  I need to wear a dress shirt and pants, which precludes any existing design for MLP that I am aware of.  The only choice was to make a design.  I haven't done a design of Pinkie Pie yet, so that answers which character was going ont he shirt.  And why make 1 when you can make three?

Design #1 is an outline of Pinkie Pie over the text MLP:FiM.  The text is also made out of columns, which makes it slightly thinner than keeping the thread going in the same direction.

Design #2 is the same as #1, except the text is built with the thread always going horizontal, and the inside loops in Pinkie's hair are not looped all the way around.

Design #3 is arranged with the entire design in a horizontal plane instead of a stacked design.  I also added an under and overline for an additional logo type feeling.

I tested all 3 on some scrap yellow felt that I had laying around to see which one I liked best.  Unfortunately, I can't choose because I like them all.  I need to pick one though, so let me know which one you think is best in the comments, and I will make & wear the one that gets the most votes on Tuesday.

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