Monday, May 30, 2011

Filly Octavia Embroidery Pattern

Some designs just too cute to be made, this is one of those designs.  Filly Octavia is just incredibly cute, and I had to make a design of her.  The difficult part was getting the colors just right, as Octavia is mostly made of different shades of gray.  After testing a bunch of colors, I found the below colors to be the best match.  Please use the numerical values, as some formats and machines don't interpret color names the same way.  Even the software render isn't doing the design justice compared to the actual.

Download the embroidery file here.  Be careful, and don't look a filly in the eye too long or your heart may melt.

Colors in order:
Pewter - 2306 (hair)
Light Gray - 2300 (body)
Black - 2150 (eyes)
Pink - 2179 (bow tie)
White - 2149 (collar and eyes)
Light blue - 2143 (collar rim). I recommend that existing jumps are trimmed at this point.
Purple - 2081 (eye iris)
Magenta 2041 (bow tie outline)
Dark Gray - 2296 (body outline)
Black - 2150 (body outline)
Silver - 2138 (hair highlights)

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