Thursday, June 12, 2014

Parasprite Embroidery Set

This is a set of 3 embroidery files in PES format for Sugarstitch's parasprite pattern.  You can download the embroidery files here.

The embroidery designs are sized to fit SugarStitch's pattern printed on 8.5" by 11" paper.  The Large and small parasprite wing embroidery designs have been rotated by 45 degrees counter-clockwise so the design will fit in a 100mm by 100m embroidery hoop.


  1. I just wanted to say that your blog has really helped me. My old 2 stitch sewing machine broke last week and I was looking to replace it with something computerized. Following your advice I upgraded to the SE400. Which seems like a huge upgrade from my previous sewing (I didn't know you could sew things without a foot pedal - awesome).
    I am totally in love with many of your embroidery designs for this machine and cannot wait to try them out.
    However I had just 1 question: on a few of your designs you suggest to skip the first color if we are not doing a patch. ... How do we do that? I currently only have the options on the machine, to skip colors do we need software? Or is there an option within the design to do that?
    Thank you for all your great advice over the last 4 years of blogs.

    1. On the SE400 you can skip colors by going to the thread menu in the settings. The settings button looks like a piece of paper on the screen. Then, there are 4 buttons on the upper right for either skipping entire colors, or moving the machine forward/backward 1 stitch.

    2. I wanted to thank you. Finally figured it out, the symbols are not exactly what I expected. Thank you for the help.
      Also wanted to say I gained a new appreciation for how much work you put into your digitized files. I have been trying to create them, but the program I use (SewArt) does not seem to do layers and I end up with a lot of gaps. Your work is truly awesome. I intend on putting a few things up on deviantArt once they are better.