Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sapphire Shores

This is a patch design of Sapphire Shores, based on a vector by mixermike.  The design has aproximately a billion colors.

Truly the Pony of Pop.  Please be aware that this embroidery file is for the patch, so make sure to use the commercial type needle as previously stated.  You can download here.  I have no plans for making any more Sapphire Shores patches, because they take a huge amount of time to make.

Sapphire Colors:
White - 2149 (body & backing)
red - 2406 (tongue)
tan - 2121
Medium Blue - Dark Maerda blue 1733 (mane)
light blue - 2143 (tail highlights)
light blue - tail puff outline (thread art 322)
royal purple - 2081 (shoes)
Dark Purple - 2083 (shoe outline)
lavender - 2204 (eyes)
blue - 2067 (tail outline)
white - 2149 (eyes)
black - 2150
gold - 2162 (eye iris)
light skin - 2019 (body outline)
gold metallic - (accents)
blueish purple - 2092 (skirt outline)

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